Posted on Feb 2, 2014
SGT Chris Hill
Many Soldiers have their ideas of toxic leadership, some being from those who are first term and only been in one unit or two at the most, and others of us who have been in several units over the years. I've heard some Soldiers state that having leadership who always makes the atmosphere uptight rather than laid back is toxic, personally that style to me was the standard my first 4 years in and that's what I was used to. My opinion of toxic leadership is those who set a standard, but yet don't adhere to it themselves. Those who have little or no concern with Soldiers families, those who pencil whip their APFT scorecards but yet dig into a Soldier who barely passes, those who are more concerned with their own promotions than their Soldiers promotions. Those who copy and paste monthly counseling's to their Soldiers, not giving real one on one counseling's and real plan of actions. Overall, those NCO's/Officers who are quick to instill discipline but won't reward for the good. Even more, those who are only filling in their NC/OER's with bullets that are not justifiable and get promoted due to another's hard work and effort. I'd like to know what others have to add to the list and see what other things I might not have ever experienced.
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SSG Medical Logistics Specialist
Toxic Leadership! We all know that it exists within our ranks in the military....branch is immaterial.

What do we as Soldiers/Airmen/Sailors/Marines/Guardsmen/Reservists and Leaders do to combat this growing trend (which isn't a good one, BTW)???

How do you define AND identify a toxic leader???

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