Posted on Jan 1, 2014
SSG Battalion Career Counselor

I am so tired of seeing this horrible uniform on soldiers, especially
when you have a "Special Needs" soldier who is wearing the same uniform
issued to him 5 years at BCT. I would honestly love to see the SMA convert back
to BDU's. Even though I was not in the spit shined Army, I would love a chance
to be a part of it and look like a walking example of perfection everywhere I
went. Or if BDU's are out of the question, can we switch to a uniform that actually
conceals us with numerous environments that is required to be pressed and
starched in garrison.

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1LT Executive Officer
A joint combat uniform based on MARPAT and issued as foliage green unless you are deploying to a place that is not foliage-y.

That aside:  Class Bs.  Garrison uniforms should be ASUs/Bs for everything other than duty in the field/under arms or any manual labor.  Field/arms should be combat uniform and manual labor should be coveralls.

This way you can spit shine without affecting combat readiness and you can tell if someone actually gives a damn.
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