Posted on May 3, 2015
1LT Executive Officer
We must be fully rested before engaging in operations with tactical equipment, but for some reason its ok when the Army doesn't own it.
Great Article by the Way!
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CW2 Armament Technician
Hypothetical Situation: SM kills SM after duty shift. After a 24 hour staff duty shift, PVT or SGT or LT Snuffy has to drive 30 minutes home to his home to rest. Due to extreme fatigue, he/she passes out, and ends up in a head-on collision with another car. Lets say it's a pregnant mother and child, who both die.<br><br>Who is to blame? Snuffy or command policy? <br>
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SFC Brigade Cbrn Nco
The other option I have seen/heard is when duty is over, take a nap before driving to your quarters.

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