Frequently Asked Questions
About RallyPoint

What is RallyPoint?

RallyPoint is the private, gated-access network for US military members. We empower military personnel and veterans to take greater control over their careers by making it easier to connect with the right people at the right time and to pursue fulfilling career opportunities.

How does RallyPoint help me?

RallyPoint establishes your secure online professional military identity, helps connect you with the right people at the right time, and empowers you to exercise greater influence over your own career - both in and out of the military.

What is RallyPoint's relationship with the institutional military?

RallyPoint has no formal relationship with the institutional military. We do not receive funding or guidance from the military, although we have many senior retired military advisors, including two of the recent Joint Chiefs of Staff, to help guide RallyPoint's development and mission.

Who's behind RallyPoint?

RallyPoint was created by two veterans who met at Harvard Business School and formed RallyPoint in order to bring best practices from the private sector to the professional military community. You can read more about us on our About Us page.

Using RallyPoint

Who is allowed to join RallyPoint?

Anyone currently serving (Active Duty, Active Reserve, National Guard, Pre-Commission) or formerly serving, is allowed to join RallyPoint, although those no longer serving have more limited access. Actively serving military members, by default, can only be viewed by others that are actively serving.

How much does it cost me to join and use RallyPoint?

RallyPoint is free for all members.

How does RallyPoint help me discover PCS opportunities?

RallyPoint gives you visibility on estimated PCS dates of other military members across the world. By searching for other members of a desired position and similar rank, you will discover PCS opportunities that you would otherwise never know about. You can then influence your next PCS assignment by using this information to connect with RallyPoint members and decision makers in those units. Military leaders throughout your branch may also identify and recruit you to join their units based on your experience and completed profile.

How does RallyPoint help me lock-in a civilian job?

By entering your estimated date of employment availability, employers and recruiters seeking talented leaders with your experience and background will be able to reach out to you in private, long before your transition. Your skills are in demand within the most powerful companies in the world, and we put you in charge of your civilian career search. Your interest in civilian employment is never shared with other RallyPoint members or the military. Only employers will know that you are interested in a position or in learning more, and you are always in control of who may contact you and how.

What if I’m a veteran… how can I use RallyPoint?

Veterans have a lot of knowledge and experience to pass on to those still in service. Veterans are encouraged to sign up, reconnect with their buddies that they used to serve with, and to provide guidance to those still serving, if they choose to seek it.

How does RallyPoint protect my information? What about security?

First, only unclassified information may be entered into our system. Second, only verified and trusted members of RallyPoint may access the full site. Third, all information is secured using the best enterprise-level security encryption and data protection services available. Your online security is taken extremely seriously.

Who is able to view my user profile once I create it?

Your RallyPoint profile is only available to those you choose to display it to. By default, actively serving military members can only be viewed by other verified actively serving military members. This means search results on engines like Google and Bing will not show your profile for random people to view. Your personal privacy settings further allows you to limit which specific sections of your profile other RallyPoint members can view, and which sections only your friends can view. You can even restrict it so that no one can see it.

Registration and Access

How do you verify military affiliation?

Military members should know that their RallyPoint information is protected and only accessible to verified members. Currently serving military members must verify their account through one of several channels, including for example by using their .mil address or by uploading acceptable documentation. Verified military members may also vouch for and invite other military members, if they do not have a .mil account.

How else can I get full access to the site?

Currently serving military members must verify their status prior to receiving full access. All veterans may also sign up, although their access is limited to other veterans by default. Currently serving military members have the choice to connect with any veterans they would like, in order to build their network both inside and outside the military.

I made my profile, but I only have limited site access. Why?

If you are currently in the military, you must verify your military identity before gaining full access.

Recruiting Solutions and Advertising

I am interested in hiring transitioning military members and/or veterans. How can I do that?

Thank you for your interest and commitment to hire our veterans. RallyPoint has a several options to help businesses identify and recruit the best military talent for their organization. Please contact us at and let us know about your organization's needs.

I am interested in reaching the military community. How can I do that?

If you are interested in increasing your brand's presence within the military community, or in providing goods and services to our military members and veterans, please contact us at and let us know more about your goals.


I have ideas for how you can make RallyPoint better. How can I directly contact the founders?

We improve the site every day thanks to member feedback, and we personally write back to anyone who writes us. Feel free to email us directly at, or email us on our Feedback page.