Posted on Apr 8, 2021
COL Vincent Stoneking
So, an oddly specific question. A friend of mine has reached out to me with the question "we need to hire an Autocad draftsman. How do we find a veteran to hire for this?" It's construction-related and on the east side of Indianapolis, if that's relevant.

I've got tons of resources for "help veterans find jobs". But I realize I've got almost now on the "help employers find veterans" side. Any lists of links you might have would be greatly appreciated. (already told them to hit up RP, AL/VFW/MOAA/et., and to reach out to the local SFL-TAP programs)
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SSgt Christophe Murphy
It's a tiered approach. The easiest would be for the employer to advertise preferential hiring for veterans. That's what the federal government does and it is quite effective. Another approach would be for the respective business to get involved with onbase job fairs and also advertising directly to local veteran non profits in their region. There are also hiring groups like "Hire Heroes" that act as a platform for businesses to connect directly to the Military community.
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