Posted on Jan 12, 2018
SGT Power Generation Equipment Repairer
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LTC Jason Mackay
Edited 4 y ago
Years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and SAMS lived in a footlocker sized slow ass computer called a TACCS box, there was the low cost/no cost move. One might obtain a slot in a unit in another MACOM (like Tradoc to FORSCOM, not B Co to C Co) on the same post, or there was a cluster of installations in the same commuting range, on could PCS without the move...the single largest cost of the PCS is the HHG part.

Branch managers are very reluctant to allow this. It's like someone scratches dessert off their meal card if someone even looks like they may homestead.

Pro: you don't move, but your TOS clock gets reset. It is the veneer or a PCS, without the pain.
Pro: your family is happy
Con: the next PCS will be absolutely miserable, they'll make sure of it.
Con: the slot you got to may or may not be a career developmental victory.
Con: selling this to branch is a hard sell. Fort Polk ain't gonna man itself.

I have never heard of it referred to as a permissive PCS.
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