Posted on Sep 20, 2018
LCpl Timothy McCain
I ask this question because of the legislative session has not been a good one for veterans. Many of the things that are meant to help veterans are held up not by the D.N.C but the G.O.P. I have not heard of one G.O.P candidate for Senate talk about veterans issue. Currently the Blue Water Navy vets bill is hold up in the Senate because they can't get enough Republicans to vote for it. They only need 10 more votes to pass the bill. If they are not going to support legislation for you should you vote for them. Also we are asking for a 7% cost of living increase for active duty military because of the cost increase caused by the tariffs. But no G.O.P members would commit to it. But it seems like DNC members are in support of the idea.
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CAPT Naval Aviator
Edited 4 y ago
You can always find examples of individual bills and individual votes that go one direction or other, and you shouldn't take them to be indicators of how you view the parties from a broader perspective. No party "deserves" anyone's votes. If you talk about higher-level issues, then you can start to paint a picture of which party is more aligned with your principles and priorities in various areas. Also, when you look at one particular bill, as with your examples, you don't know all the intricacies involved. Perhaps the Republicans who aren't voting for it are waiting for a better version of the bill. Perhaps the bill has aspects that you're not hearing about that are detrimental to the best interests of veterans. There are a million possibilities and it's likely you don't know about all of them, so you really can't make any sweeping judgments of the parties on the basis of this one bill.
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