Posted on Jul 23, 2014
MAJ Assistant Battalion Operations Officer (S3)
Too often I am seeing our best resource (Soldiers) not being utilized in their career field. Just like in the civilian world you have people doing jobs that has nothing to do with their degrees you have cooks who have to find to do something else. With rare occasion overseas it is all contractors and local nationals cooking or handling food. I only heard of Soldiers being cooks on small FOBs and in secure areas (CG mess). The same with quartermasters doing laundry services.

Even on post stateside it is next to impossible to get cooks and laundry services to do their jobs unless we are in the field. Even then we need to jump through hoops to get food (any kind, good food is even harder to get) for them to cook.

I have a great and big kitchen at my unit but they took the cooks out of my unit after we got a new kitchen. So we never used it at all. Why not put cooks back into the companies to support ourselves during battle assemblies in the Reserves and support AC units in the field? Why not have cooks cook while stateside too?

How do you feel that contractors stole your or your Soldier's jobs?
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