U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
On October 7th, 1-2 PM ET, VA and community experts will be here to answer your questions on benefits, claims, and peer-to-peer support services. Type your questions in now!

» BG Mike Eastman - Advisor, ETS Sponsorship
» Coleton Whitaker - Director of Programs, Elizabeth Dole Foundation
» Staci H. - Senior Manager of Volunteers and Partnerships, Blue Star Families
» Melissa Comeau - Director, American Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network
» Jeanette Gilles - Deputy Director of Community Integration, Americas Warrior Partnership
» Capt Ryan Engle - Partnership Coordinator, Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
» Justin Monk - VP of Government Affairs, Student Veterans of America
» Mike Wilson - Region 8, Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT)
» Lamont Solomon - Assistant Coach, Public Contact Supervisor, VBA
» Patricia Sweeney - National Director, Peer Support Services, VA Central Office, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
» Jessica Wheeler - Regional Director, Service to the Armed Forces & International Services, Michigan Region

American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces:
The American Red Cross helps members of the military, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with and respond to the challenges of military service, worldwide – for life. Our Hero Care Network provides 24/7 connection to emergency communication and critical community services; care and comfort in veteran and military health care facilities; and family resiliency training.

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency:
The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is the central coordinating agency, providing support, care, advocacy, and service to veterans and their families.
MVAA - MVAA (michigan.gov)

Veterans Community Action Teams (VCATs):
VCAT membership is comprised of federal, state, local and faith-based organizations that support veterans in the communities where they live and work. VCATs focus on identifying solutions for gaps in veteran services, reducing duplication of efforts and simplifying connections with local resources. This community-based system of care allows networks of service providers to employ best practices, share information and tools and connect more quickly with veterans. The Southwest Michigan Region 8 Veteran Community Action Team is a holistic approach to the community veteran systems of care. The SWMR8VCAT is a stand-alone organization that collaborates support and services for veterans through an integrated network of individuals, organizations and agencies in the 7-county region of Southwest Michigan, and the State of Michigan overall.
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Melissa Comeau
So grateful to Rally Point and the VA for hosting this event for Veterans, families, caregivers and survivors in Michigan. I am looking forward to participating.
Andi Martinez
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Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
3 mo
These Welcome Kits are so great! Thank you Andi Martinez
Staci H.
Happy Thursday Michigan!!! Blue Star Families is always here to support!
Melissa Comeau
Melissa Comeau
3 mo
Thank you for joining Staci H. Blue Star Families is a wonderful organization.

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