Posted on Jul 30, 2015
SSG(P) "Surplus"
I have a question I would like to pose to the masses.
If a SM has been on station for 24 months and has not held a slotted position; how can the SM fill an open requisition at another duty station that will allow career growth? Be mindful that the only answer (and I have heard this with my own ears) the service member's branch manager tells the SM that there is a minimum of 36 months TOS requirements and the SM will not be considered for assignment until that time.
In doing a little of my own research for the SM, I have read that if a SM has 24 months and less than 48 months TOS, they are considered IA (immediately available) for AI (assignment instructions). In addition to that, the SM's child does not have a temporary condition that could be resolved in a year's time; so that eliminates a compassionate reassignment.
I would like to help point the SM in a better direction since we aren't getting answers here. I am reaching out to the professionals here for guidance.

SGT Foster
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Hope you were able to help
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