Posted on Feb 27, 2017
1LT Medical-Surgical Nurse
In today's speech to the American Governors - Trump offered to provide a 10% increase in the military's budget - but also stated that “We never win wars anymore. We never fight to win. We have to start winning wars again.”

“We have to start winning wars again — when I was young, in high school and college, people used to say we never lost a war. We need to win or don’t fight it all. It’s a mess like you have never seen before.”

What does it mean to fulfill Trump's dream of winning wars mean in terms of the kind of intensive ground and air battle required to defeat and eradicate ISIS? What does it mean for US military personnel to assume the responsibility for and personally "start winning wars" in the Middle East, South China Sea, Eastern Europe, North Korea, etc?

We have tried on many occasions to build coalitions and/or to rely on local indigenous troops to assume responsibility for the defense of our foreign allies. Instead, what does it mean for US Service Men and Service Women to assume responsibility for "winning" - and does that mean for us to invade, hold territory, and loot their oil and other natural resources - as has been repeatedly suggested by Trump on a number of occasions in the past?

Warmest Regards, Sandy :)

n.b. All this from a man who graduated New York Military Academy in 1968 at age 22, 6' 2" tall, the picture of health, had an athletic build, played football, tennis and squash; and was taking up golf. In an interview with The New York Times last month, Mr. Trump said he had bone spurs — a "temporary" and “minor” malady that had no meaningful impact on him. He paid a doctor who to provided a letter for draft officials enabling him to dodge the draft.
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