Posted on Dec 17, 2014
CSM David Heidke
OK, I would like to know if anyone else has had to deal with the online AAFES website?

I have used them flawlessly in the past, I had them send things to me while I was in Afghanistan, I've bought Christmas presents from them. They were as reliable as anything I've ever known.

Well recently I've had to order a few things. I saw the new Army PT uniform, and being a CSM and some desposable income I decided to order them. On the site it said "In Stock - Ready to Ship." That was on November 5th... Guess what? Still nothing. A few calls to customer service, and Fort Sam Houston, and they said they were missing the trunks, but they would ship today minus the trunks... That was three weeks ago.

Now, I thought that this might be a uniform problem. So at the beginning of December (the 5th to be exact), I decided to go looking for a Christmas present for someone. It was a household item. Again it said "In Stock - Ready to Ship." a couple of days pass and I get on online chat with customer service (after all I still don't have my uniforms and I'm a little gun shy). They tell me that the item is estimated to ship on December 11th. Cool.

December 11th comes and goes... I get back on online chat. They tell me that the ship date is estimated, it could be 7 days later. Today is the 17th, and I still don't have an answer.

I have heard horror stories of the exchange lately. Am I the only one? Can the website possibly be making money if they are doing this to people? What changed? The exchange was the 'go-to' source of MWR funds for the Army and Air Force and had boundless goodwill with Service Members. What are they doing?!

Let me know if you've had any better experience recently, I'm feeling sad to see this organization spiraling down the bowl.
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SSgt Troy Allen
0 works much, much better now.
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