Posted on Sep 29, 2020
CPT Staff Officer
I’m not expecting much from here, but I’m basically not going to bother HRC because it is what it is. However, some things are starting to “concern/annoy” me.

1) Historic CPT APL’s are released Mid Sept around the 14-19th. We are well past that.
2) OK, so things might be running late given world conditions, but COL promo lists are out, LTC promo Lists are out MAJ (July) lists are out, and now WO lists are out. What gives?????
3) MILPER's are out again for upcoming boards for COL's. So the process for them has started all over again.

Here’s what I know. Board packets were dropped end of Feb. Last I saw in my mil mail was a notice that said my packed had been forwarded to the Sec Army (I read this to mean my packet is complete and submitted for approval). Later, because of world events, another Milper went out stating to the effect that the CPT APL Board process is nixed and “fully qualified” will be the promotion process.

I have my theories for the delay, but they are probably wrong.
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