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Military Assignments
Discover military assignment opportunities based on location, specialty, and major commands. All our information is crowd sourced by our community.
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RallyPoint provides that 'missing link' for servicemembers who may otherwise fall through the cracks. As the old adage goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," and RP gives us the keys to get in and drive our own careers.
Major, US Air Force
Civilian Jobs
Connect with veterans at top firms who understand your background and are ready to help in your job search.
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Had it not been for RallyPoint I would not have met my new employer and I would have never realized that there are companies and people out there who are fighting for veterans and willing to go the extra mile.
Former Master Sergeant, US Army
Discover great schools that value your military experience and get your questions answered by others who have gone before you.
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No matter the rank, there are always people there to talk to, and who can you open up to. I think that this site shows how close as a military family we are, without knowing some people on here personally we are willing to go out and help whoever is in need.
Sergeant, US Army