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Mesa, AZ

Security Clearance: None
General Description:

The Ballistician is responsible for managing assigned development projects within the Ballistics Department. This will include task assignments to Ballistic Technicians, and verifying data generated is precise and accurate. The Ballistician will also assist the Department Manager in ensuring all safety regulations and HESS policies are followed during operations, maintenance and calibration of laboratory and test equipment, and maintaining inventory control, including ATF logs.

General Skill Level:

Must have good communication skills and the ability to write precise Test plans, Procedures and Reports.

Must have a working understanding of computers and the MS Office Suite. To have the ability to interpret test results related to ballistic function: primarily velocity, accuracy, pressure, and function and casualty testing. Must be familiar with CIP, SAAMI and NATO MOPI test protocols and performance standards. Must have the ability to hand load match quality rifle ammunition following approved procedures. Must possess a working understanding of firearms and know and follow all firearm safety rules for on-site and off-site testing. It would be beneficial to have a good working relationship with those performing gunsmith operations, barrel makers, and electronic test equipment manufactures.

Detailed Description:

I – Handloading ammunition.

A) Perform brass priming and handloading tasks as necessary in the Ballistics laboratory.

B) Be familiar with specific propellant burn speeds for specific application for production loading or R&D projects.

C) Follow established safety protocols.

D) Maintain good housekeeping practices in the Ballistics Laboratory.

E) Manufacture of Reference Ammunition.

II – Operate and maintain barreled actions and machine rests in the ATC.

A) Set-up and perform tests with accuracy barreled actions.

B) Set-up and perform tests with pressure barrels for use with drilled cases.

C) Cleaning of test barrels to remove powder and metal fouling per established procedures.

D) Maintain good housekeeping practices in the ATC

III – Operate and maintain electronic test equipment. This includes but is not limited to the following:

A) Oehler System 85 ballistic software and hardware.

B) Oehler Model 57 chronograph screens.

C) Oehler Model 35 BNC “back-up” chronograph.

D) Kistler model 6215 transducers and related heat shielding components.

E) Kistler model 5015 charge amplifiers and apply setting changes.

F) Track dates of service for calibration and maintain file log of certifications.

G) Use of chambers for temperature conditioning of ammunition as part of some test series.

IV – Drilling of ammunition cartridges for CIP pressure tests.

A) Use the drill press and drill cartridges according to the standard operating procedure document.

B) Changing over the drill press cartridge jig from one caliber to the other may be necessary.

C) Keep the drill press and surrounding area clean and free of brass chips.
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