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VFV Victory Tour - BIKE22 - Chicago, IL 9/16/17

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Victory For Veterans Foundation, Inc.’s (VFV) Mission is to serve Veterans in need, plain and simple!  Any Veteran, any need!  The organization will however focus first on saving lives, i.e. suicide prevention.  Its Vision is Fight for 22!  The 22 each day who take their lives.  We strive for zero suicides, zero homeless, zero jobless, etc…  To accomplish its mission and vision VFV will fund nonprofits that provide services to Veterans and improve their quality of life.  The organizations’ 5 step approach is a unique business model to fund and work with its nonprofit partners.  Its unique model is to Fund 100%, Focus, Coach, Partner and build Sustainability for each nonprofit.  VFV is an approved 501c3 nonprofit.
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How the organization supports veterans

First on the agenda is suicide prevention… eliminating Veterans and Military suicide is paramount in the organization's view.  Once this is accomplished, other areas of improving the lives of Veterans will be pursued, including adequate housing, employment readiness to re-enter the civilian workforce, mental health strategies to help with ptsd, tbi, mst, and other debilitating challenges.  The organization will also have strategies to affect legislation for the betterment of Veterans in the future.  One such example is mandating that all states must report on the suicides by Veteran and Military personnel in their state. Currently about ½ of the states are mandated to report.
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How to get involved or get help

Victory Tour - BIKE22

Fight for 22!  Give $22.  Join us: Bike 22 mi or 22 km. Motorcycle 220 kms. Wheelchair/Walk 2.2km with us!  

Why 22?  It is the unfortunate number of suicides each and every day of our dear Veterans!

Victory For Veterans welcomes any and all the help it can get.  VFV has three major national fundraising events from a march, to bicycle tours, to motorcycle tours, to large city rallies.  Each of these events will require a lot of volunteer help as these national events will take place in approximately 80 cities across the country, including the 48 capitals in the contiguous US.

We definitely need contributions to grow the foundation.  Would you consider donating $22 today?

On your Mobile Phone:
Text 'GIVE22' to 50155

Thank you,

Steve Durgin
Victory for Veterans/Veterans March on America
Mikel J. Burroughs
Chairman, Board of Directors 
Victory for Veterans/Veterans March on America

Important Links:

FaceBook: @VFVets (
FaceBook: @VeteransMarchOn (
Twitter: @VictoryVets (
Twitter: @VMOAmerica (
LinkedIn: Victory For Veterans (

"They Fought for our Freedom, Let's Fight for Theirs!"

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