SFC Dante Alanis

SFC Dante Alanis

Dates of Service: Feb 1992 - Nov 2008
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  • PVT Feb 92
  • PV2 Feb 92
  • PFC Nov 92
  • SPC Apr 94
  • SGT Mar 96
  • SSG Jul 97
  • SFC May 02

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I am self employed. I started my own HVACR company on July of 2015. One of my aims is to educate my clients on how their equipment works to help keep them from being taken advantage of by scam artists posing as technicians. Our South Texas area is full of them. These guys work as a helper for a summer or two and then go around acting as certified and trained experts when they are not by any means. They don't follow electrical codes, city ordinances, nor EPA law. I started my own HVACR company after six years of working for other companies. I am yet to find someone as professional and dedicated to the craft as I am. So, frustrations and disappointments led me to go on my own. I love what I do, the freedom it gives me, and the rewarding conversations, especially when I run into our brothers and sisters veteran from Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. I wish I knew them in active duty.

Military Experiences

Dec 2007 - Nov 2008
A Co
Platoon Sergeant
I held a temporary assignment to the Warrior Transition Unit at Darnell Medical Center in Ft. Hood; where I assisted Soldiers receiving medical attention and evaluation to transition back into an active unit or medical separation from the Army. It was very rewarding to directly assist our wounded warriors to help them with their traumatic experience, both physical and emotional, and facilitate a smooth-as-possible reintegration. It certainly helped me make my transition much easier. Helping others certainly was the best form of counseling I could have received.
Nov 2005 - Nov 2008
2nd BSTB
Operations NCOIC
S-3 Operations Segeant during OIF deployment to FOB Warhorse in the Dyala province of Iraq, near the town of Baqubah. I'll never forget my first day there... four of us were standing next to the chaplain, looking at a field outside the wire; next thing we know, a mortar round exploded a few feet away from us, thankfully behind a berm. After getting back up, all of us and the chaplain looked at each other and laughed our ass off. I stopped being an atheist for about a week. The rest is between me and God...
Oct 2003 - Jan 2006
2nd ID HQ
Division Schools NCOIC
Along with one Staff Sergeant as my assistant, we coordinated all aspects of Professional Training for the Division. Training from NBC School to Sniper School, Signal, HAZMAT, and all NCO Professional Development Schools, PLDC to CSM Academy. Very rewarding, but very stressful as well, being that whomever did not meet the requirements for a particular training or school thought it was up to me to approve their waivers etc...
Mar 2000 - Oct 2003
Rio Grande
Detailed Recruiter
Detail Recruiter was an experience in itself. You have to experience it to understand it. It does show flexibility and your ability to work out of your element.


(2 years, 2 months)
Oct 2006 - Aug 2007
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
1st Cavalry Division , 2nd BDE STB
Apr 1999 - May 1999
Squad Leader conducting foot patrols to expand area of operations as more units arrived in theater.
Sep 1997 - Feb 1998
On this rotation I was the assistant operations sergeant / TOC NCOIC and didn't have time to do much besides work, primarily having a 12 hours on and 24 hours off shift rotation. None of us ever got used to constantly alternating from day to night shifts for six months. That was quite a test in mental stamina.
May 1995 - Nov 1995
I was a Team Leader at OP U-52 during this deployment. We primarily conducted foot and vehicle patrols along the Serbian border. Foot patrols were our favorite because we enjoyed the interaction with the villages' people and being able to experience their way of life. We also rotated every three weeks to become QRF and Force Protection.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jan 2005 - Mar 2005

Advanced NCO Course ANCOC

Jun 1998 - Jul 1998

Advanced Leaders Course BNCOC

Jan 1995 - Feb 1995

Warrior Leader Course (PLDC)

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Mar 2000 - May 2000

Apr 1996

Small Arms Maintenance (SAM-31)


Jan 1996

Unit Conduct of Fire Trainer (U-COFT) Course

Foreign Language Skills


Spanish (5/5)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2009 - 2010

South Texas VoTech

HVACR Technician, Refrigeration

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