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  • 2LT May 87
  • 1LT Jul 89
  • CPT Apr 94
  • MAJ Jan 00
  • LTC Dec 05
  • COL Jun 11
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1987


Professional experience: Global Logistics, Supply Chain and Distribution expert Exceptionally skilled Retail, Wholesale and Strategic Planner Profile:  Results driven and goal-oriented professional with over 25 years of successful experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Broad and deep knowledge of all aspects of Supply Chain Operations and Management  Readily adaptable to any working environment while maintaining professionalism and high quality performance  Proven ability to manage multiple priorities and work under pressure to meet deadlines while delivering excellent results  Outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills with proven ability to relate to people at all levels to achieve goals  Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) Goals: Continue to explore opportunities in the Commercial sector Continue my education to improve my contributions to the organization I am associated with Continue to support and love my family Enjoy everyday for the gift that it is Specialties: Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management, Distribution Network establishment, development and optimization.