Sgt Bob Leonard

Sgt Bob Leonard

Dates of Service: Feb 1970 - Jan 1974
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Joined the USAF out of High School Post Discharge worked three years as a civilian electronics tech, Pt Mugu NAS. Went to school on GI Bill to become an X-Ray Tech (Got married) Worked about a year as a Staff Tech, about five as a Dept. Mgr Moved across the Country, worked various X-Ray jobs until I landed a job in MRI Put on 100% Disability mid-90s, consequence of Agent Orange.

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Nothing special. Worked on Avionics and Cockpit Instruments and their systems on B52s and KC135s. Spent two and a half years at Castle AFB, CA and a year at UTapao, Thailand. Got out in 1974. I must have done something right, because I was personally recruited to re-enlist by the Sr.MSgt. of my Squadron. He promised me any Stateside Base assignment I wanted if I would just re-up for another four years. I had other responsibilities back home I needed to get back to, so I declined. Sixteen years later (when I would have had twenty good years in) I had a momentary twinge of something almost like regret for not doing it. By then, tho', I had a wonderful wife, several great kids, and a good life. Then Agent Orange caught up with me. Damn!