LTJG Richard Bruce

LTJG Richard Bruce

Dates of Service: Jun 1979 - Jun 1990
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  • SR Jun 79
  • SA Aug 79
  • SN Jan 80
  • ENS May 84
  • LTJG Jun 85
Commissioning Source:  USCGA, May 1984

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Resourceful, innovative professional with over 20 years Materials, Resource, and Hazardous Materials Supply Chain management in both domestic and international arenas. Expertise in initiating projects and programs that boosted efficiency and productivity while enhancing employee and property safety.

Military Experiences

Ended in May 1990
License Examiner and Evaluator
Evaulated merchant marine license applications and administered examinations. Also, conducted license revocation clemency investigations. Audit new exams. Issued Merchant Mariner document covering all unlicensed ratings in the engine room and deck department, including Able Seaman. QMED and Deck Document (Z-card). Met qualifications for Third Assistant Engineer Steam and Motor, and Master 1600 tons ocean and Second Mate Unlimited Tonnage with sail endorsement, but unable to be issued license due to work at exam center. Drafted regulations regarding growing swamp tour business in metro New Orleans area. Led patrol boat detail to escort battleship Iowa up the Mississippi River from sea buoy to Avondale Shipyard (120 miles).
Jul 1986 - 1989
Sr. Watch Officer and Security Officer
Joint federal task force for corrdinating intelligence and enforcement actions for illegal narcotics operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean. Mainly maritime related. Office in New Orleans. Temporary duty in Miami with Operations Blue Lightning, and NNBIS office. While in Miami, briefed daily USCG District Commander, US Customs SAC, and DEA SAC on most urgent intelligence. Custodian of all classified material. Responsible for physical security of "SI" office spaces. Aide to USCG Eighth District Commander (RAdm) during war game training at the US Naval War College in Newport, RI (1 week). Logistical and communication support for an US Army Intelligence team for one month. Member Hat Trick III Working Group COMSEC Material Management. TS(SI) clearance.
May 1984 - Jul 1986
USCGC Gallatin
Weapons Officer
Weapons Department Head, Marine Law Enforcement Boarding Officer, Ship's Store Officer, financial auditor, 3-M system Manager. Landing Signal Officer. Helicopter Control Officer. Managed three divisions; Gunnery, Fire Control, and Sonar with a total of 17 crewmen. Held "Use of Force" classes to prospective boarding party members. Held judgmental shooting classes. Classified Materials auditor. Deck Watch Officer. Member of Narcotics and Controlled Substances Inventory Board. Managed $300k annual budget. Major repair projects were removal and installation of NC2 ASW tracking system and the 5"/38 turret. Interdicted over 50 tons of marijuana. Fired upon smuggling vessel El Toro forcing seizure and sinking ship. Recovered over 400 economic refugees from Haiti to repatriate.
Feb 1980 - Jul 1980
One of ten USCG students at the US Navy BOOST program for officer preparation.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Feb 1980 - Jun 1980


Individual & Special Skill Schools

Marine Firefighting (multiple)

3-M (Material Maintenance Management) (USN)

Gun Fire Support School (USN)

Gunnery Officer School (USN)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1980 - 1984

United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA)

Bachelor's Degree, Marine Engineering

Personal Information

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