MSG Charles Turner

MSG Charles Turner

Dates of Service: Feb 1974 - Apr 1994
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  • PVT Feb 74
  • PV2 May 74
  • PFC Oct 74
  • CPL Dec 74
  • SGT Dec 77
  • SSG Dec 80
  • SFC Dec 86
  • MSG Aug 93

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Grew up in NW Ohio. Browns, Buckeye and Indians FAN for LIFE. Married a couple of times. Currently married to One of my Best Friends from my childhood. Have 3 daughters (2 are soldiers, I is an Officer the other a Nurse). My son in law is a Retired Soldier. I continued my Leadership as a Plant Manager after retiring from the Army. I continued my education and got my BS Engr TEch.

Military Experiences

1983 - May 1985
Mech Maint Platoon Sgt and CE Repair Section NCOIC
Platoon Sergeant and NCOIC of Communications / Electronics Repair Shop in support of the 2nd Armd Cav Regimen (Both at 2nd ACR HQ and at 3 Forward Deployed Squadrons)
Jul 1982 - 1983
Radio Repair Shop NCOIC / Unit Supply Sergeant
NCOIC of General Support Radio Repair Shop (If it was Commo Equip -Radio, Telephone, Switch Board, Teletype, Special Electronics, and Initially Computers) and approximately 35 Soldiers. Later the Filling In / Transition Unit Supply Sergeant
Oct 1978 - May 1981
US Army Recruiter & Station Commander
Advertised, Public Speaking, Cold Called for Applicants, Visited Schools, Conducted Sales Interviews, Assisted Applicants with Paperwork, Transported Applicants, and Supervised Other recruiters / Home Town Recruiters in their duties doing the same.
Oct 1975 - Sep 1978
Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) NCO
Was "Picked' by S1 to fill the BN NBC NCO in the S3 as the Current Holder of that Position was Court Marshaled. Job entailed Assisting the Individual Companies (6 of them) prepare, maintain, train and conduct simulated NBC (NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL Predictions for the Combat Units) of our Battalion in Real Life situations in support of the 1st Armd Division and our Allies. In additions I was the Schools NCO (I request Schools for Battalion Soldiers. Also served as the S3 Tactical Operations Field NCOIC.


(9 years, 7 months)
1990 - 1994
South Korea
NCOIC OF 595 TECH SUPPLY (Temporary Duty) Electronics Maintenance Staff NCO, 227th Maint Bn, 501 Spt Group BMO NCOIC HQ 41st Signal Battalion, 41st Signal Brigade
Oct 1982 - Apr 1985
182ND Maint Co (GS) NCOIC GS ELECTRONICS MAINTENANCE SHOP (Radio, Teletype, Telephone, SED) Transistion SUPPLY SERGEANT 614th Maint Co (DS) Mech Maint Platoon Sgt & NCOIC Electronics Maintenance Shop
Oct 1975 - Sep 1978
16th Engr Bn S3 Battalion NBC NCO Battalion Schools NCO Battalion Tactical Operations Center NCO / Bn Command Net RTO

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


Small Group Leaders Course


Instructors Course

Nov 1988 - Dec 1988

Non Commissioned Officers Logistics Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Aug 1981 - Feb 1982

Radio Repairers Course (31 E)


US Army Recruiter Course (00R)

Apr 1974 - Jun 1974

Basic Combat Training (BCT)

Jun 1974 - 1974

Combat Engineer Course 12A and 12B


Feb 1989

H Insructor


I Small Group Instructor / Leader

Nov 1988

K Logistican

R Retention / Recruiter

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2009 - 2012

Bowling Green State University

Bachelor's Degree


Georgia Military College

Associate Degree, Communications Electronics Maintenance

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