SFC(P) Larry Nahalea

SFC(P) Larry Nahalea

Dates of Service: Aug 1974 - Sep 2010
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  • Amn Aug 74
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  • SrA Aug 76
  • SPC Sep 89
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I wasn't always a leg. Started off my military adventure as an USAF SAC trained warrior with Minuteman ICBM from 1974 to 1976 and took the early out after the Viet Nam war during troop downsizing. Prior to Desert Shield, Uncle Sam reminded me that I had a remaining RSO that was overlooked and he put me back in combat boots to fulfill that obligation as a cannon cocker from 1989 for approximately 10 years and transitioned to infantry for MTOE restructuring. End game was to PCS to Hawaii before retiring as SFC in duty MOS 11Z, Chief Combat Arms Instructor/Senior NCO in 2011.

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Academic Degrees

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University of Hawaii-Hilo

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