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SGT Rhett Murphy

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  • PV2 Jan 98
  • PFC Aug 98
  • SPC May 99
  • SGT Jul 10

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Was in the Army twice,first time right after high school..97-2000 as a 88H (cargo specialist).I was stationed at Ft Story,Va Beach.Great duty station,Ft Story is right on the coast where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.We had our own beach which spent my last summer there as a lifeguard!Had a 8 year break in service then rejoined in April 08 as a 11B.I was stationed at Ft Riley,Ks.

Military Experiences

Jul 2008 - Sep 2010
Infantryman (grenadier)
After my 8 year service break I was stationed at Riley.Deployed to Baghdad Iraq in Oct 08.Made it 9 months til I was hit by a e.f.p while driving lead vehicle in a 4 vehicle convoy on 17May09.We took some fire while transferring my sqd ldr to the medevac vehicle.I took some shrapnel to my left hand,my sqd ldr lost both legs.I was Sent back to Riley for surgery and was reassigned to the warrior transition battalion there.I went through the p.e.b and was retired at 60%.I kinda miss being in and then again I kinda don't!
Dec 1997 - Jan 2000
368th SOC
88h-cargo specialist
Operated 5k 10k and 50k forklifts land cranes and cranes on ships.Loaded planes,ships and railheads.Volunteered to go to Red Cross lifeguard training and passed.Spent my last summer at ft story Va Beach as a lifeguard.


(8 months)
Oct 2008 - May 2009
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Made it about 8 months before I was hit and sent home for surgery

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Mar 1999 - Apr 1999

Red Cross lifeguard school

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