COL David Barnhart

COL David Barnhart

Dates of Service: Jul 1959 - Mar 1991
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  • 2LT Jun 59
  • 1LT Jan 61
  • CPT Jul 63
  • MAJ Aug 67
  • LTC Sep 79
  • COL Aug 86
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Jun 1959

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Commissioned USAR in the Ordnance Corps with primary MOS Nuc Wpns Off.. After 2 ½ years Ord, commissioned Reg. Army and detailed Field Arty. After 2years detailed, transferred to FA and then attended FA Off Career Crs followed by 3 yr teaching assmt ROTC. Next, spent year VN, with XXIV Corps and 101st AB Div, (Asst S-3 and S-3}. Next following ADP Sch. 3 yrs R&D as Software Engr (TACFIRE), Next 1 year VN, Adv 1st ARVN Div Arty CO & Jnt Mil Cms for Peace VN. Next back to APG, MD again Software Engr, US Army TECOM on TACFIRE. After 2 ½ yrs doing R&D and Test & Eval, resigned commission joined USAR & USAMSAA as civilian scientist. (Mil Spec & Operations Research Analyst)

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1986 - 1991

Florida Institute of Technology

MBA, Concentration Gov't Contrg

1954 - 1959

Oregon State University

Bachelor's Degree, Mining and Oil Geology