SFC Boots Attaway

SFC Boots Attaway

Dates of Service: Feb 2007 - May 2013
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  • PVT Jun 75
  • PV2 Jul 75
  • PFC May 76
  • SPC Apr 77
  • SGT Jul 79
  • SSG Jul 82
  • SSG Feb 07
  • SFC May 13

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Active duty 06/75 - 12/84, IRR 3 yrs. Basic and AIT Ft. Polk, La; 3rd Plt, Co E (Honor Guard) 3rd US Inf (The Old Guard) 10/75-3/79; 3rd Plt, Co A 1/38th Inf, 2nd ID. Cp. Hovey, Korea 4/79-3/80; 3rd Plt, Co B 2/41 Inf, 2nd AD, Ft. Hood, Tx 4/80-4/82; Korea 5-82-4/83; MDW EOC Ops NCO 4/83-12/84. Joined OkARNG 45th IBCT 2/2007; Asst Ops NCO, 45th BSTB 45th IBCT 5/07-5/13. Med retired 05/29/2013.

Military Experiences

Feb 2007 - May 2013
45th IBCT
Set up Bn TOC (DRESH) Instruct others in the setup and operation of the 3Kw and 20 Kw generators, Man the TOC at various times of the day/night. Certified RQ11B Raven operator. First to officially fly the Raven SUAV at Cp. Gruber, Ok. Supervise that proper PMCS on Bn Staff vehicles was preformed at every drill.
Aug 1984 - Dec 1984
Admin NCO to the Post CSM
Assist the post CSM with daily paperwork, schedule his daily routine.
May 1983 - Aug 1984
Assist the duty Officer in the Emergency Operations Center for the MDW, Know all emergency plans for the MDW.
Sep 1982 - Apr 1983
3rd Bde S2 NCO
Assist the Bde Intel Officer, set up the S2 radios and Crypto equipment.


(2 years)
May 1982 - Apr 1983
South korea
South Korea
Plt Sgt 4th Plt, JSF JSA UNC Pan Mun Jom
Apr 1979 - Mar 1980
South korea
South Korea
Squad Leader 3rd Plt Co A 1-38 Inf 2nd ID

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

May 1980 - Jun 1980

2 AD BNCO Acadamy Ft Hood

Jun 1979 - Jul 1979

2 ID PNCO Acadamy

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Mar 2008

Tactical Quiet Generator Operations

Jan 2008 - Feb 2008

SUAV Raven Operator School Ft Bliss, Tx

Oct 2007 - Nov 2007

DRESH Systems Operations


Feb 2008

RQ11B Raven SUAV Operator

Security Clearance
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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1995 - 1997

AST in Drafting and Design Platt College

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