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Served Active duty Army from Aug 1984 through July 1988 (early out implemented by President Bush), IRR from July 1988 through Aug 1990. I took basic at Ft. Mclellan, AL and AIT for 31S COMSEC repair at Ft. Gordon, GA. 31S MOS changed to 29S while I served with the 67th Sig Bttn. Ended up with two ASIs , TSEC/CY-104 repair and Field COMSEC Full Maintence repair(29S10A6/G7) and one non ASI school for Tri Tack COMSEC equipment repair. Held TS/SCI Re-enlisted into the Indiana National Guard as a 94F Computer Detections System (used to be Special Electronics Devices) repair in December 2008, served with them until I moved from Indiana to the Carolinas in Jun of 2010. Went to 94F Computer Detection Systems school at BT Collins in Sacramento, CA from Sep 2009 through Dec 2009 phase 1 and phase 2, and at Tobyhanna Army Depot in Tobyhanna, PA from Jan 2010 through Mar 2010, honor grad. I have served with the 1263rd FSC of the 1-118th 218th MEB since Aug 2010. Attended WLC in Nov 2011 at Mcrady Reserve training center Columbia, SC and ALC at Fort Lee, VA Jun 2019