SSG Pete Fleming
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SSG Pete Fleming

Dates of Service: May 1989 - Sep 2004
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Seeking permanent positions, I have worked in various fields which both directly and indirectly has broaden my skillset. This includes leadership, safety (OSHA), HR/Recruiting, research/analytical, training, recruiting, administrative duties, law-enforcement duties...

Military Experiences

1995 - Sep 2004
Staff Sergeant
Switched MOS from 12B to 95B Spent time in Germany, Italy, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Italy, Kosovo, and Iraq. Went from E-4 to E-6. Like a dummy got out and have regretted that ever since.
May 1989 - May 1995
I served both as National Guard and Active. Of my 15+ years almost 12 were active. 89-95 as a 12B then switched over and became my own worst enemy 95B. Both had their good points and bad.


(1 year, 10 months)
May 2003 - Jul 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
May 2003 - July 2004 Originally supposed to deal with POW's and our MTOE was reduced to match that mission. Instead we, patrolled, conducted escorts, and primarily worked with the Iraqi Police in Baghdad (created the major crime unit MCU). Apr 04 was sent to An Najaf to support the Spanish contingent against Mahdi Army uprising there.
Nov 2001 - May 2002
Lived and stationed in Ferizaj off base about 15/20 minutes from Camp Bondsteel. Patrolled, conducted escorts, and worked with the UN Police (UNMIK) and Kosovo Police. Patrolled the border during the Albanian uprising in Macedonian .

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees & Civilian Bio

Academic Degrees

Criminal Justice

OSHA (200+ certified training hours)

Marketing/Digital Video Production

Civilian Experiences

Dec 2010 - Present
Small Business Consultant
* Managed all aspects of the operation including HR, regulatory, purchasing, administrative and legal compliance. * Developed and implemented customer service plans and account penetration strategies. * Facilitated the integration of corporate cultural norms and expectations to the staff. * Technical consultant (Business related issues), research & development, assisted with marketing. * Technical support in areas of Efficiency, Risk Management, and Change Management * Specialized in safety (OSH/HSE), physical/personal security, general marketing, and training * Assist in the creation of and conducting training/informational presentations.
Sep 2014 - May 2015
Logistics Manager/Consultant is a full fledge auto decal company. We design, create, and set-up the decals for police, ambulances, fire, and other emergency vehicles. I performed as the logistics/operations manager coordinating between the production and the client. Additionally I assisted in the development and set-up of the new office, created SOPs, training programs, HR, and marketing support. Basically I did everything to get this small business up and running (from building/painting furniture to hiring staff). Once the business was functioning my position ended (as is standard in consulting work)
Sep 2013 - Sep 2014
Country Manager
* Set-up operations of new operating center in Eastern Europe (Macedonia). * Created Safety Training/Program ensured compliance * Recruiting, screening, interviewing applicants to meet the client/contract requirements. * Managing a team of call/support center representatives directly and directing their activities for the achievement of call center targets and goals. * Developing new lead targeting schemes, and scripting for the optimization of existing programs. * Monitoring team performance to ensure that the call center goals are met and supporting call center quality and training efforts. * Measuring and demonstrating the group productivity as well as the individual’s reports related to customer outcomes.
Nov 2005 - May 2012
*Supervised shift personnel, gave daily safety/instructional/training briefings, and oversaw daily operations of assigned area(s), conducted interviews, and wrote reports on activities. * OS&H Safety officer inspected the workplace ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, conducted safety briefings/training, consulted with leadership to ensure safety measures were being observed and enforced said regulations. Investigated work related incidents and interviewed those involved. * Master Driver (vehicle instructor), created, maintained, and updated records, responsible for training/licensing contract personnel in accordance with US Department of Defense (DOD) regulations. * Assisted with recruitment and screening of applicants, to support other company related contracts.

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