SGT Craig Northacker

SGT Craig Northacker

Dates of Service: Sep 1971 - Mar 1979
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I am a CPA with many years in Wall Street, public practice, and entertainment and sports. I run now, a 501c3. We have tremendous outreach and excellent programs. I need your help in developing strategies with me and assisting in their execution. We only work with the highest integrity, and we do not tolerate stupidity. Thanks. I started on Wall Street as a young accountant. I became a CPA and started my own firm, eventually specializing in tax, sports and entertainment with many high profile acts. I am disabled now as a result of my military service and have become a very active proponent of military, veteran and family programs. I am active in Washington, economic development, veterans programs, PTSD remediation and Moral injury, and have tremendous access.

Military Experiences

Sep 1977 - Sep 1979
11 SFG
Joined in the 11th because I loved SF operations and wanted to see if my back healed from my turned out to be my last jump. After a couple of years my back was still bad, so I elected to leave. This crest should be the 11th Special Forces Group - not an Air Force unit. No idea how to fix it...
Mar 1974 - Aug 1977
1-504 PIR
Squad Leader
I was assigned to B 1/504, where I did a number of jobs. I was a grunt, squad leader, weapons squad leader, and company clerk because I could read and write, and recognized a typewriter. I loved being with my unit, and was asked to go to West Point, which was an honor, but declined because I did not want to be a 30 year old 2d LT. The transition from Viet Nam to post Viet Nam was painful. I sat with many other NCO's who were devastated about being riffed. I defended enlisted men who were unfairly caught up in Article 15 contests, grew angry at new leadership, and ETS'd as an angry vet.
Aug 1973 - Mar 1974
O/C Trainer Academy
Basic, AIT, Jump school, and miscellaneous


(8 years, 2 months)
Sep 1977 - Dec 1979
Fort Devens, MA
Admin for Battalion XO
Aug 1973 - Aug 1977
Fort Bragg, NC
Grunt and administrative
Sep 1971 - May 1973

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