SSG Edward Tilton

SSG Edward Tilton

Dates of Service: Nov 1961 - Sep 1967
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  • PVT Nov 61
  • PV2 May 62
  • PFC Oct 62
  • SPC Oct 63
  • SP5 Mar 64
  • SSG Jul 65

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First Enlistment Jump School, 18th Corps TAB (during Cuban Crisis, 90 Day TDY in Vietnam, tour n Korea got out as Sp5 E5 2nd Enlistment 2nd Tour in Korea, SSGE6 Vietnam 66-67

Military Experiences

Oct 1962 - Nov 1962
Radio Operator
The Cuban Missle Crises, @nd Abn Brigade was taken to Ft Bragg and broken up to fill vacancies in 82nd Abn, and XVIII Corps units.
Apr 1962 - Sep 1962
FO Driver
We couldn't jump there or fire the artillery, Brigade was being deactivated.


(4 years, 4 months)
Apr 1967 - Sep 1967
Vietnam War
Assigned 5th SFG, Tay Ninh Vietnam
Mar 1966 - Apr 1967
Vietnam War
2nd Bn, 13th Arty 105T, 23rd FA GP Battalion Fire Direction Chief
Jul 1965 - Oct 1965
South Korea
D Btry, 6th Bn, 37th Arty 8in SP, 2nd Inf Div Battery Fire Direction Chief
Nov 1964 - Jul 1965
South Korea
D Btry, 5th Bn 82nd Arty 8in SP, 1st Cav Div Assistant Chief Fire Direction Computers

Military Credentials


May 1983

Infantry Hv Mortars Platoon Sergeant MOS 11C40

Mar 1966

Field Artillery Target Acquisition 13F40

Nov 1963

Field Artillery Fire Direction MOS 13E20

Apr 1962

MOS 152.1 Field Arty Operations & Intelligence

Foreign Language Skills


Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1992 - 1999

1988 - 1992

1968 - 1981

PA Police Certification

Bachelor's Degree, Law Enforcement, Justice Administration