Cpl Tom Surdi

Cpl Tom Surdi

Dates of Service: Dec 1997 - Dec 2002
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Most of my military experience was in the shop or training ops like CAX, I am not a combat veteran, and I count myself lucky. In the shop I worked mostly with the crypto gear, but was also the acting Plt Sgt when our regular Plt Sgt and half the shop got selected for the Forward in Iraq. I was selected to be a MUX teacher in 29 Palms, but passed on the offer. After being discharged from the Marine Corps I worked for AT&T's wireless division maintaining their cell phone towers. During that time I put myself through college and got my Masters degree in engineering, via online programs and classroom time. I am now a freelance Architect

Military Experiences

Aug 1999 - Dec 2002
Crypto NCO
Along with taking care of our Crypto gear, I was also in charge of safety and hazmat issues. In the event our Plt Sgt was away, I was acting Plt Sgt.
Aug 1998 - Aug 1999
I was a boot Marine straight out of school, my job was to do whatever the hell they told me to do.
Mar 1998 - Jul 1998
Various schools. 2 week basic combat training in Lejeune then it was off to 29 Palms for Single Channel Operators school then onto MUX School.
Dec 1997 - Mar 1998
Recruit training, if you're a Marine you know what it means.

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Apr 1999

Cisco Router

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