SSG Eduardo Ybarra  Jr.  MS Psyc

SSG Eduardo Ybarra Jr. MS Psyc

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  • PVT Jun 89
  • PV2 Dec 89
  • PFC May 90
  • SPC Mar 91
  • SPC Apr 94
  • SGT Aug 95
  • SSG May 98

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Military Experiences

May 2010 - Dec 2012
ISF NCOIC / HQ Platoon Sergeant
Was responsible for the equipment distribution and tracking of equipment disbursement to Iraqi forces within our area. Consistently traveled throughout the area of operation interacting with senior level officers to ensure specific needs were met. Maintained records and an accountability of over $500 million worth of equipment. Interacted with intelligence operatives to ensure proper dissemination of information for further operations. Maintained safety standards to ensure SM's operated freely without foreign interference within FOB Warrior. As HQ PSG maintained the day to day operations of the company and BDE to ensure mission readiness.
Dec 2008 - May 2010
Platoon Sergeant
Was responsible for the BN PSD Platoon. Conducted several KLE's within the area of operation. Ensured the BN CDR had unobstructed visits. Was successfully able to negotiate the entire area of operation without the loss of personnel and equipment. Safely negotiated over 10,000 miles while conducting day to day operations. Provided security for Combat Engineers while conducting route clearance operations. Participated on several Platoon, Company and BN night operations within the area of operation.

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Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2014 - 2015


Bachelor's Degree, Psychology