CAPT Gary Foster

CAPT Gary Foster

Dates of Service: Sep 1983 - Dec 2010
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Commissioning Source:  AOCS, Jan 1986

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27 year veteran of the United States Navy with extensive experience in airborne nuclear command and control communications. Began career as a Hospital Corpsman. Naval Flight Officer with 4000 hours special crew time encompassing Navigator Instructor/Evaluator; Airborne Communications Officer Instructor/Evaluator; Mission Commander Evaluator on the EC-130Q, E-6A and E-6B aircraft. Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) Legislative Liaison for the state of Oklahoma

Military Experiences

Apr 2009 - Dec 2010
Deputy Assistant for Safety Matters to the CNO
Provided policy guidance and direction for safety matters appropriate to particular staff and in accordance with OSHA standards. Safety matters included fire safety onboard aircraft, ships and submarines, and at shore duty stations. Coordinated and implemented aviation safety plans, programs and regulations. Reviewed accident board findings. Informed and counseled higher authority on findings of investigations, surveys and studies. Analyzed methods, practices, criteria and regulations to discover unsafe areas. Maintained intra-command, inter-command and extra-naval liaison.
Sep 2008 - Mar 2009
Chief of Staff Officer
Coordinated activities of 275 U.S. military joint staff officers, international joint staff officers, and DOD civilians in accordance with general policies laid down by the Commander, Joint Task Force Horn of Africa. Guided work efforts of staff, exercising general supervision over sections and ensuring that completed staff work was submitted to the commander for decision. Served as a major contact point for other commands. Advised and assisted the commander in consideration of policies and problems. Acted as a direct representative, signing correspondence on routine matters.
Sep 2005 - Sep 2008
Commanding Officer
Advised and assisted the Commander, U.S. Strategic Command, in matters pertaining to nuclear weapons employment and effects and/or ordnance handling. Assisted in policy formulation and planning. Analyzed factors concerning delivery techniques, target considerations and damage assessment. Developed criteria for determination of appropriate weapons for particular missions. Prepared directives concerning ordnance handling and safety procedures. Conducted nuclear command and control inspections. Recommended action for achieving and maintaining weapons delivery efficiency.
Apr 2003 - Apr 2005
Commanding Officer
Commanded aircraft squadron in carrying out assigned mission. Prepared squadron policies and directives, complying with regulations and instructions from higher commands. Organized divisions, including aircraft maintenance, tactics, flight operations, material and training, administrative and supply. Conducted squadron training. Reviewed flight proficiency. Ensured operational readiness of aircraft & aircrews. Investigated delays by maintenance personnel. Operated squadron aircraft. Administered and supervised organizational level maintenance programs in accordance with controlling directives.


(15 years, 4 months)
Jan 2009 - Mar 2009
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Horn of Africa
Directed Joint Task Force Horn of Africa operations at Djibouti, Africa, as the Chief of Staff. Staff responsible for writing the first Concept of Operations to successfully counter piracy operations off of Somalia.
Sep 2005 - Sep 2008
US Strategic Command
Stood alert and deployed with the US Strategic Command Airborne Command Post (ABNCP), known as "Looking Glass." Certified as an Emergency Actions Officer and also participated as a training Airborne Emergency Actions Officer (AEAO). Successfully relocated the ABNCP for 6 months during a runway refit at Offutt AFB.
Apr 2003 - May 2005
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Four (VQ-4)
Served as XO and then CO of the Shadows. Deployed several times as the Executive Officer and several more times as the Commanding Officer. Squadron received the Battle E for readiness in 2004 and 2005.
Dec 1999 - Feb 2002
Commander Strategic Communications Wing One
Directed TACAMO operations as the Director of Operations and Plans (N3/5). Deployed for three USSTRATCOM Global Guardian Exercises and a number of other missions. Was deployed during 9-11 and directed NC2 operations for the TACAMO wing from deployed battlestaff location.

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