CPO Robert (Mac) McGovern

CPO Robert (Mac) McGovern

Dates of Service: May 1975 - May 1995
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I am a retired Chief Hospital Corpsman with a specialty in Cardiopulmonary Technique and Medical Recruitment. As a civilian, I was a Home Improvement Executive and Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor. I am the author of ten books of poetry, a memoir of my brother and I growing up in middle America in the 1950s, and a book about Consumer Contracting. I work at G4S Security and am self-employed. Owner/Publisher ECR Publishing Corporate Vice President/Retired Company Name: Horizon Sunrooms & Spas, Inc. Owner/Contractor/Retired Company Name: Emerald Coast Roofing, LLC Owner/Retired Company Name: Stutter Hot Enterprises, Superb Clothing Products

Military Experiences

1991 - 1995
National Medical Recruiting Instructor and National Field Trainer
Instructor, Medical Programs, National Field Trainer for Medical Programs. Taught over 2000 officer and enlisted students, keynote speaker at three National Recruiting Conferences, keynote speaker at ten Area Conferences, the National Field Trainer at forty-two recruiting commands. Gave presentations on Navy Medical Recruiting opportunities on most major universities in the US and was the recognized Subject Matter Expert for Medical Recruiting. Although I was considered the best Medical Recruiter and Trainer in the Navy, I did not advance because I made the decision to continue in recruiting...a specialty, although a critical assignment, was not considered working in the Medical Profession. I knew my advancement opportunities would be limited but also have no regrets.
1987 - 1991
Medical Recruiting Specialist
Medical Programs Recruiter. I developed new techniques for recruiting medical professionals to serve as officers in the various specialties of Navy Medicine. I was the best recruiter in the District and Area Commands for three consecutive years achieving 0ver 200% of assigned goal. At end of tour, a new position was created and I was asked to fill the position as the first Enlisted Medical Recruiting Instructor and National Field Trainer for Navy Recruiting Command. I accepted the position knowing I would not be competitive for further advancement. At the time, the Navy was having a difficult time recruiting Medical Professionals. I knew how to recruit them, I knew I could teach others, I proudly accepted the challenge of another difficult assignment.
1982 - 1987
Course Director
Cardiopulmonary Technique School, Instructor, Director Cardiopulmonary Technique School and Director, Encephalography Technique School. Developed and Implemented "The Competency-Based Instructional Systems Program;" a Task-Based program for evaluation of the student's ability to perform each task related to his training, proving competency reducing attrition by 70%. I successfully implemented and evaluated the program in both schools. The success was so beneficial, the Navy decided to implement the program for all technical training. I advanced to Chief Petty Officer during this tour.
1980 - 1982
NHC Charleston
Leading Petty Officer (LPO)
Cardiopulmonary Technologist, Leading Petty Officer, Internal Medicine, Leading Petty Officer, Respiratory Therapy, Director for Cardiopulmonary testing, measurement, and evaluation of results. I was an instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina for Respiratory Therapy. I taught Hemodynamic Monitoring and Blood Gas Analysis. I advanced the program to include the school's students rotation through the Naval Hospital. A first for the school and the hospital. During this time I was assigned aboard the USS Jessie L. Brown FF 1089, as a temporary duty assignment. I was the only medical personnel aboard. I advanced to E-6 during this tour.


(3 years)
USS Jessie L. Brown FF 1089
Independent Duty. The only medical staff aboard, I was responsible for the care and well being of all officers and enlisted personnel assigned. This was a temporary assignment.
1976 - 1979
USS Lexington CVT/AVT 16
General Duty Corpsman trained and proficient in Emergency Treatment, Operating Room Procedures, Radiographic Exams, Pharmacy, Supply, Medical Administration, Physical Exams, qualified Flight Deck Corpsman, and Preventive Medicine.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Aug 1987 - Oct 1987

Recruiting Officer Management Orientation School

Aug 1982 - Sep 1982

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Sep 1979 - Sep 1980

Cardiopulmonary Technique School



(13) Awards as Sailor, Recruiter, or Instructor of the Year 1978 to 1995


Journeyman Recruiter, State of Florida


Certified Master Training Specialist 87-001 (First in Navy Medical Department)


Career Counselor/Recruiter, DOD

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
Top Secret

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1989 - 1991

Park University, Parkville, MO

Bachelor's Degree, Human Resources


The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Job/Skill Training


Recruiting Officer Management Orientation School, Orlando, FL

Job/Skill Training


Instructor Training School, Norfolk, VA

Job/Skill Training