LTC Paul Mullins

LTC Paul Mullins

Dates of Service: Apr 1986 - Jul 2015
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  • SPC Oct 87
  • CPL
  • SGT Sep 89
  • 2LT Mar 93
  • 1LT Mar 95
  • CPT Apr 97
  • MAJ Feb 04
  • LTC Dec 09
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Mar 1993

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Produced outstanding results over the past 29 years as a pilot, planner, operator, leader and a follower in positions involving Offensive/Defensive Cyber, IO, EW, STO, SOF, geolocation, TTL, technology development, project management, helicopters, and telecommunications in assignments with SHAPE, 2ID, 1CD, 82d ABN DIV, USAREUR, OSD, JSOC, USASOC elements, CGSS, EUCOM, and 3ID.

Military Experiences

May 2013 - Apr 2015
3rd ID HQ
ACoS G-7
• In support of the Total Army Analysis, conducted analysis, developed and recommended the approved solution for Information Operations staffs at the Division level Army-wide. • Planned, coordinated and executed over 210 highly successful community relations events, providing equipment and personnel to community events ranging involving 167 5-man color guard details, 32 chaplains, 9 large marching troop formations, 154 band performances, 43 VIP speaker engagements, 2 vehicles, • Managed 10 personnel conducting regular career counseling, performance evaluations, determining professional education requirements and assigning tasks and projects.
Aug 2011 - May 2013
Chief, Offensive Cyber Operations
• Served as the Senior Offensive Cyber Advisor to the 4-star commander of European Combatant Command. • Provided Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations (OCO & DCO) planning support to over 30 numbered plans and named operations. • Developed OCO and DCO supporting plans for more than 8 numbered plans and named operations. • Developed and submitted over 42 (1400% more than other COCOMs) CYBERCOM Cyber Effects Requests (CERFs) in support of OCO and DCO in support of 5 USEUCOM named operations/plans. • Reestablished European Command’s (EUCOM) target development capability resulting in the development of over 300 deliberate targets, the first in over 12 years. • Developed USEUCOM’s Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) operational cyber requirements.
Jul 2010 - Aug 2011
• Taught Joint Doctrine as a subject matter expert providing graduate-level instruction to over 50 Majors, other DoD and Agency mid-grade leaders. • Served as an adjunct faculty member for the Information Operations Career Course, developed Cyber Operations curriculum and teaching new IO Officers how to plan, coordinate, and execute Cyber Operations.
Sep 2008 - Jul 2010
Information Operations/Asst S3
• Provided specialized Cyber and Electronic Warfare Support to a special mission unit in a Joint, Coalition, and Interagency environment. • Responsible for ensuring 0% downtime (due to infections) of our networks (1000+ computers over 4 networks) during this period that included managing the implementation of Operation BUCKSHOT YANKEE, the CYBERCOM response to a USB vulnerability posed by agent.btz to our networks that infected many DoD computers. • Created a virtual staffing system that streamlined processes and resulted in a reduction of personnel (22%) and time (72%) required to staff actions for over 500 personnel greatly enhancing the unit's ability to focus on critical operations and training. • Developed a new business-to-business relationship resulting in a 200% increase in ops.


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Jan 2010 - May 2010
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