LTC John Wilson

LTC John Wilson

Dates of Service: Apr 1961 - Mar 2004
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  • 2LT Aug 67
  • 1LT Aug 68
  • CPT Aug 69
  • MAJ Mar 82
  • LTC Mar 88
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Aug 1967

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Entered USMC in April 1961, Honorably Discharged in 1967; Break from service and then volunteered to join the Army in January 1967, went to OCS, Commissioned a 2nd Lt, Graduated Airborne School; Special Forces Officers Course in December of 1967 and was assigned to B Company, 6th SFGA,1SF. Had two tours of Vietnam, Earned a Purple Heart, Bronze Star with "V". Transferred to Active Reserves.

Military Experiences

Jun 1968 - Aug 1968
SOT-A Team Member
Was Executive Officer or A-team, Temporary A-Team commander at Battle Of Duc Lap, RVN; Led unit in combat, wounded, evaced to Japan. BS with "V"; Purple Heart, Combat Infantry badge. Bronze Star for Meritorious Service; VN service Medal, Campaign Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Vietnamese Jump Wings;
Feb 1968 - May 1968
A Team Leader
A Team Commander , assisted with day to day operations of the A- Team, Participated in multiple training exercises; Increased weapons familiarization; language training.
Dec 1967 - Mar 1968
B Team Executive Officer
Administrative paperwork for our Operating A teams, Planning and Operations, Language and Skills training Officer; Other Duties as required.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1968 - Mar 1968

Urdu Language Course


Mar 1968

Foreign Area Officer

Foreign Language Skills


Urdu (2+/2+)

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2000 - 2002

1978 - 1979

Army Reserves

Associate Degree, Police Science

1975 - 1976

Army Reserves

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