MSG Thomas Currie

MSG Thomas Currie

Dates of Service: Dec 1967 - Jan 1984
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I attended Navy ROTC for 1.5 years, then left college, then enlisted in the US Army. I served in Vietnam, Germany, Korea, and Germany again. After leaving active duty I became a DA Civilian working as a Training Specialist and as an Administrative Officer the US Army Armor School until the school moved from Fort Knox to Fort Benning. I served briefly with ARRTC before retiring.

Military Experiences

Feb 2011 - Aug 2011
Apr 1984 - Feb 2011
Training Specialist GS-1712-11
Mar 1970 - Feb 1973
3-63 AR
Tank Commander
RallyPoint insists on using only currently active units, which eliminates a lot of past units for many veterans. That's OK (I guess) but RallyPoint also insists on using the current location and current hierarchy for those units, which makes the data shown grossly inaccurate for most veterans. For example, 3-63AR was in 1st ID, not 3rd ID, and located in Augsburg not Kitzingen in 1970-1973


(7 years, 2 months)
Feb 1981 - Jan 1983
Operations Sergeant, Co F, 40th Armor, Berlin Brigade (08/81-01/83) NCOIC, Helmstedt Support Detachment, Berlin Brigade (04/81-07/81) Platoon Leader, Co F, 40th Armor, Berlin Brigade (02/81-04/81)
Sep 1975 - Sep 1976
South korea
South Korea
Hqs Tank Section Leader, HHC 1-72 Armor Tank Commander, C Co, 1-72 Armor
Apr 1970 - Mar 1973
Tank Commander, Co A, 3rd Bn, 63rd Armor, 1st Inf Div (Fwd)
Jul 1968 - Jul 1969
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Tank Crewman, 11E10; D Co, 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

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