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I am very interested in obtaining a position within the Law Enforcement Industry. My acquired skills and residual training as a Protective Security officer throughout the state of Indiana, and Michigan have played a vital role in developing me as a sound security professional. The qualifications and professional knowledge I will contribute include: • 4 years as an armed Protective Security Officer under FPS and DHS • Bachelor's (BSCJ) - Criminal Justice Specialization in Homeland Security and Crisis Management • 4 years in a Supervisory position in the United States Marine Corps • 12 years experience in Microsoft programs, problem solving, and public relations • Proven ability to communicate, reach company goals, and complete tasks effectively in adverse conditions I believe that my experience is in perfect line with your current needs. If your firm is looking for a dependable, results-oriented professional with a solid performance track, I would be interested in speaking with a representative to discuss the value that my strengths and experience will contribute.