SFC Greg Witte

SFC Greg Witte

Dates of Service: Nov 1984 - Nov 2006
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I'm an American that loves god, guns, country, and my family. I believe in doing what's right not, doing the right thing. If you are on here just bashing Republicans and Donald Trump, don't waste my time because we're not going to get along together. Don't front me with B.S. because I'll call you out on it. I served in the Infantry where men are men and others struggled to keep up.

Military Experiences

Started in Nov 1987
Function as basic rifleman and RTO in an infantry squad. Responsible for carrying PRC77 with extra batteries, Vincent device and CEOI extract. Conducted daytime recon patrols and nighttime ambush missions within the Korean DMZ.
Started in Aug 1992
Started in Nov 1990
Range Control
Range control NCO in charge of range users complying with range safety regulations. Range scheduling NCO in charge of scheduling of ranges and resolving any scheduling/safety conflicts. Also worked with FAA and Harrisburg Control Center to safely release airspace over the training area for commercial aviation use.
Started in Mar 1989
B Team Leader
Heavy mechanized infantry - B team leader in a mechanized infantry squad. Responsible for leading four soldiers and participating with maintenance of M113 armored personnel carrier with all associated equipment. Rail load equipment to and from Gunnery exercises twice a year at Grafenwohr Germany and maneuver exercises in Hohenfels Germany.

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Started in Mar 2002

Started in Oct 2000

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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2002 - 2006