SSgt Rob Millard

SSgt Rob Millard

Dates of Service: Dec 1976 - Dec 1996
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THIS IS NOT A RESUME! THIS IS AN OLD MAN BRAGGING ABOUT A GREAT LIFE!!! I spent 20 of the best years of my life as a Law Enforcement Specialist and Supervisor in the Air Force. After retirement I joined the Fort Walton Beach Police Department and retired as a Sergeant in 2012. I am currently a Police Officer with the Northwest Florida State College Police Department, working as a Patrolman.

Military Experiences

Sep 1993 - Dec 1997
Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant / Supervisor
I would have spent the last years of my career on Okinawa. However, the Operations Officer (Captain Cockerill) told me it was time for me to go home and prepare for retirement. Best advice I could have gotten. I transferred to Eglin Air Force Base and had some of the best mentors possible to help me prepare for my new life in the civilian world. Great last assignment with the greatest people possible.
Sep 1987 - Sep 1993
Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant / Supervisor
Without a doubt this was the best assignment of my career. The work there as a police officer was very fulfilling and the co-workers were some of the greatest people I could ever have known. I still keep in touch with some of these folks to this day.
Jun 1984 - Sep 1987
Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant / Supervisor
Not my favorite assignment, other than getting to know some great co-workers. I can remember a few of us deciding to head out one weekend of alcohol induced thought provocation to search for the Lost Dutchman Mine. Glad that dream didn't come to fruition!
Mar 1981 - Jun 1984
LawEnforcement Desk Sergeant / Supervisor
I loved this assignment and the people in the organization. Unfortunately I was transferred under the Manning Assistance Program long before I was ready to go!


(1 month)
Jul 1996
Pensacola, Florida
Deployed as the NCOIC of a Special Security Response Force when an F-16 crashed into a residential area in Pensacola, Florida

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Professional Development Schools

Nov 1982 - Dec 1982

Mar 1977 - May 1977

Law Enforcement Technical School

Dec 1976 - Mar 1977

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Apr 1990 - May 1990

Military Customs Inspector



Hostage Negotiations

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I speak a little bit of Japane (2/2)

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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2013 - 2015

Northwest Florida State College

Associates, Emergency Administration & Management

1997 - 1999

Okaloosa Walton Community College

Associates, Criminal Justice