SFC Hal Jeauxdevine, BSM w/"V", MSM, PH, Arcom w/“V”

SFC Hal Jeauxdevine, BSM w/"V", MSM, PH, Arcom w/“V”

Dates of Service: Jun 1980 - Feb 2014
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  • PV2 Aug 80
  • PFC Jan 81
  • CPL Oct 81
  • SGT Apr 84
  • SSG Apr 86
  • SGT Dec 01
  • SSG Mar 11
  • SFC Feb 14

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First joined the Army 16JUN1980 after a judge “gave” me the option or go to jail. My recruiter said I could only choose 11B so I took it not even really knowing anything about it. “Welcome to Ft. Benning now get the f### off the bus”!!! After the third day of my mouth constantly “stuck open”, my D.I. (a 3 time volunteer to Vietnam and a Ranger), explained to me non-verbally how the Army worked.

Military Experiences

Mar 1983 - Oct 1984
M60 Gunner
M60 gunner for Urgent Fury jumping into Point Salines runway. Got shot in the ankle and was CASEVAC to the USS. GUAM(LPH-9)


(6 years, 1 month)
Dec 2010 - Nov 2011
Iraq ribbon
Operation New Dawn (OND)
Downed Aircraft Recovery Team Leader and AH-64D Maint. Supervisor
Nov 2010 - Dec 2010
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
15R3V Apache Aircraft repair supervisor and DART TEAM LDR
Feb 2009 - Jul 2009
Afghanistan ribbon
Aug 2006 - Nov 2007
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
11B2V, convoy TC, ACC, Weapons trainer

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Apr 2000 - May 2000

Oct 1984 - Feb 1985

Mar 1982 - May 1982

Foreign Language Skills


Korean (2/1+)

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2003 - 2008

Lodz Univercity of Technology, Denmark

Bachelor's Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Knightbridge