Col Walt Wright

Col Walt Wright

Dates of Service: May 1979 - Sep 2005
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  • 2d Lt May 79
  • 1st Lt May 81
  • Capt May 83
  • Maj Jul 90
  • Lt Col Jul 95
  • Col Jun 01
Commissioning Source:  USAFA, May 1979

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Walt retired from the USAF in 2005 and last served as Commander of the 56th Operations Group, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. As the senior leader for 520 personnel with annual operations of $266 Million, and with total assets valued at $7.2 Billion, Colonel Wright was fully responsible for all business and technical support aspects of F-16 pilot training for the USAF.

Military Experiences

Jun 2003 - Jun 2005
Commander 56th Ops Group
Ops Group Commander - OG/CC. Ten squadrons; eight Fighter Squadrons: 21st FS (Taiwan), 62nd FS, 63rd FS, 308th FS, 309th FS, 310th FS, and 425th FS (Singapore), and 56th TRS (Academics), and 56th OSS (Operations Support); 175 F-16 aircraft (counting fighter aircraft only, the 56th FW was the 5th largest Air Force in the World) - flying an average of 150 sorties per day and 51,000 hours per year; graduating 12-14 new F-16 Fighter pilots every 6 weeks.


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Sep 1993 - Jul 1994

Jul 1985 - Sep 1985

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Jun 1979 - Jun 1980

Pilot Training Class 80-06


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