SGT Brad Baier

SGT Brad Baier

Dates of Service: Feb 1986 - Feb 1994
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  • PVT Jan 86
  • PV2 Jul 86
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  • SGT May 89

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I still get chills when I hear the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless the USA, and The Ballad of the Green Berets. I'm a damn proud American and I support our military and country. I don't support the corrupt political system in Washington DC. My Dad was a Marine and raised me to respect people. He was tough but fair and any punishment I got was well deserved on my part.

Military Experiences

Jan 1986 - Jan 1992
I was in 4th squad and kept the platoon supplies up to date. It seems like I did a lot of inventory of the equipment for inspections. A lot of the tools in our carpenters box had crazy military names and I had a fun time learning what the hell they were talking about. My platoon had a bunch of men just there for the pay check, but when we were activated for a flood and a tornado we really got the job done.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1985 - 1987

Neosho County Community College

Associate Degree

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