MSG William Hesser

MSG William Hesser

Dates of Service: Jan 1966 - Aug 1998
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Military Experiences

Jan 1966 - Aug 1998
C Co
Team Sergeant
Did 6 years active/reserve from Jan 1966 till Jan 1972. Went back in in June 1980 and retired out in Aug 1998 with a total of 28 years of active/reserve service. I was 11H heavy weapons, and went Ariborne. Served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Bde 101 Abn Div, as well as with 101st Div at Fort Campbell and the 82nd Abn Div. Went Special Forces as I worked with the 5th Group in Nam. Was in the 19th Group attached to the 1st SF Group and got qualified as 18B, 18E and 18F. Retired out as MSG Team Sgt and also served Bn Communications sgt before retiring. Did multiple deployments, some for training and some for mission. Those of you in the system know what I am saying. I am now over 72 years young and still think I can do it, even though my body says otherwise.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1964 - 1978

Cochise College/Univ of Ariz.

Associate Degree, Pre Engineering/Bus Admin Opn Mgmt