SSgt Gene Buck

SSgt Gene Buck

Dates of Service: Jul 1983 - Jun 1992
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I served my entire hitch at Homestead AFB FLA. In the Civil Engineering Squadron.

Military Experiences

1983 - 1992
31 CES
A/C Refer Tech
Reached the rank of Staff E5 before being riffed out. For most of my time there I was the Emergency Repair Tech. I would work off hours and respond to A/C outages in essential and nonessential buildings. As you can imagine, South Florida was quite the challenge for an A/C tech. I could work on everything from 360 ton centrifugal chiller to a small window unit. Was a great time to be in South Florida (before Andrew) and a great time to be in the Air Force.


Started in Dec 1990
Saudi Arabia
Full Desert Shield/Storm in theater.

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