SP5 Norman McGill

SP5 Norman McGill

Dates of Service: Jan 1964 - Jan 1970
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Born in Attleboro,Ma, grew up in Florida and Georgia. Was a traveling sales man then owned my own delivery service moved to Marco Island ,Fl. worked for Deltona Corp as land fill estimator,owned Marco Island Irrigation and Landscaping, moved to Bonita Springs in 96 and worked for Mainstreet Management as a shopping center manager and then retired when the center was sold. Here I am on SS.........

Military Experiences

Jun 1969
Senior First Cook
We were at Ft. Lewis for training with ejection seats for our pilots on a new aircraft coming out. A couple Pilots had gone up into the Cascade Mountains and brought back a mess of trout. I cleaned all the fish, battered them up and deep fried them for 8 to 10 officers who were waiting at table to eat. Here I come with a huge platter of fish and without realizing it dumped the whole load on the floor. Good thing the floor was very clean so I picked up the fish and took them back to the kitchen cleaned them up good and warmed them up and reserved them properly this time. Those "O"s" never let me forget that but there was never a word of reprimand. Great, good guys my pilots.


(4 months)
Apr 1968
National Guard Armory,Fulton County Airport
The South was in upheaval in the 60's. I saw the riots in Montgomery and the KKK at Leb's on Lucky street from the Piedmont hote in Atlanta. And then Martin Luther King got assassinated. My unit was activated on April 8th for the MLK funeral on April 9th. with full gear and weapons and trucks. 40k troops surrounded Atlanta. Deployment?? Maybe not..
Jun 1968
Ft. Lewis, Wa.
Our whole outfit was flown to Ft. Lewis for the purpose of allowing our pilots to train on an ejection seat that would be included in the new aircraft (Mohawk???)we were to get in the near future. One of these aircraft was brought to our armory at Fulton County Airport , Atlanta, Ga. but we never saw another one before I mustered out. Nice obs acft
Jul 1964 - Aug 1964
Ft. Rucker
Enlisted student co,USAAVNS Regt Ft. Rucker, Alabama. Training for helicopter mechanic and how to avoid KP.

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Apr 1964 - Jun 1964

Ft. Rucker


May 1964

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