LTC Larry Davis

LTC Larry Davis

Dates of Service: Dec 1975 - Dec 2003
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Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Dec 1975

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Military Experiences

Aug 1986 - Dec 2003
Reserve Assistance Officer - Civil Air Patrol
Reserve Assistance Officer (RAO) duties including drill and ceremonies, military protocol, liaison, land navigation and survival training. Evaluation of Civil Air Patrol units and training. Evaluation of Search and Rescue (SAR) exercises. Trainer for Civil Air Patrol Corporate College. Southeast Texas Supervisor for USAF Reserve officers in RAO slots in Southeast Texas Region. Ultimately the only remaining Army Officer in the US to serve as RAO; only Army Officer to serve as RAO Supervisor.
Jun 1995 - Jul 1995
Director of Daily Operations
All American Challenge, Headquarters. Command and control of daily operations and logistics; provide media relations; provide VIP briefings; supervise personnel rotations and replacements.
Jun 1994 - Jul 1994
ROTC Instructor
Lane Evaluator, All American Challenge, all phases (full rotation) ROTC Advanced Camp
Jun 1993 - Aug 1993
Team Chief
All American Challenge, provide training and logistical support for all lane evaluators. ROTC Advanced Camp

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Individual & Special Skill Schools

Apr 1979 - Jun 1979

Motor Officer Course - Ft. Knox, KY

Jun 1978 - Jul 1978

Air Load Planner - England AFB

Sep 1977 - Oct 1977

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare School - Ft. Polk, LA

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1971 - 1975

Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Bachelor's Degree, Education Curriculum & Instruction