PO1 H Gene Lawrence

PO1 H Gene Lawrence

Dates of Service: Jan 1966 - Apr 1977
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After I left the Navy I went into Police work and also completed my college work. After my Police work I became the Executive director of a Christian Ministry, taking care of sailors aboard merchant ships that came into the Port of Tacoma. I was Licensed as a Deacon in my Church. I moved to Panama for mission work with the indigenous Indians there. I am now back in Texas, fighting cancer. Winning! Addendum: the doctors say I have won the fight. Now in the process of buying a home in Highland,AR with a closing date of 13 October 2021.

Military Experiences

Apr 1975 - Apr 1977
Aviation Ordnanceman (AO)
Was the Maintenance Weapons Dept Chief. Took care of Weapons aircraft weapons systems on the new S3A Jet Aircraft. We integrated Anti Submarine Aircraft systems aboard an Attack Carrier CVN 65 USS Enterprise Navy platform. I did a TAD to COMNAVAIRPAC where I helped to establish and run the US Navy’s first Narcotic Detection Dog School. This was because I had Police experience as a Reserve Police Officer with the National City, CA. Police Department. The result of this assignment was the establishment of the first 12 Narcotic Interdiction Teams on the West Coast. It was at VS 29 where I was mustered out of the Navy on a medical discharge.
Feb 1972 - Apr 1975
Aviation Ordnanceman (AO)
VP 31 was a training squadron for P3 aircraft. Initially assigned as shop Chief for the Weapons Maint Dept. Transferred to the Nuclear Weapons Training Division. Was sent to Instructor Training school. Became a Weapons Loading Instructor for for all West Coast P3 Squadrons.
Aug 1969 - Feb 1972
Aviation Ordnanceman (AO)
Maintain storage bunkers for munitions, assisted EOD on disposal of bad or outdated munitions, transferred to AIMD and ran the Weapons shop for P3 Aircarft armament equipment and became certified AO 8319. Off duty was Vice President of the Adak Sportsman's Club and studied and became a certified instructor with the NRA in Home Firearm Safety, Hunter Safety, Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor.
Apr 1966 - Jul 1968
Aviation Ordnanceman (AO)
Storage of Weapons, assembly of missles and delivery to aircraft, oversee the small arms shooting range, delivery of needed armaments to squadron loading zones.


(2 years, 7 months)
Aug 1969 - Feb 1972
Adak, AK
The only duty outside CONUS was on a remote Island in the Aleutians.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 1969 - Aug 1969

AO “B” School

Aug 1966 - Nov 1966

AO “A” School

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1979 - 1990

Central Washington University

Bachelor's Degree, Criminal Justice and Sociology

Ft Steilacoom Comm College

Associate Degree, Basic Law Enforcement

Ft Steilacoom Comm College

Associate Degree, General Studies