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Ardent HR Professional with an interest in building effective and united workforce environments. HR roles as a team and an individual contributor have provided me with a broad spectrum of experiences spanning the HR field. HR works in the grey areas, we are the voice of reason and thought for those questions asking is it discrimination, harassment, insubordination? What is reasonable accommodation? HR must be able to act with incomplete information responding with the best and most current information and regulation data. We are the conscience of the company and keepers of confidential information serving the needs of management and the staff having a dual focus. My role is to understand the business strategy and how the business operates to tailor the HR approach creating the effective, united, workforce needed to get our product and/or service to the customer in a positive atmosphere. Through team and individual contributor roles in HR, my experience has the depth and breadth to compliment teams and organizations in industries across the board.



May 2017

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Jun 2015

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