Col Douglas Robinson

Col Douglas Robinson

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  • 2d Lt Mar 64
  • 1st Lt Sep 65
  • Capt Oct 68
  • Maj Mar 74
  • Lt Col Jan 80
  • Col Feb 85
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Mar 1964

Recent Activity  -

Military Experiences

Dec 1984 - Jan 1988
Deputy Group Commander of Maintenance (F-117)
Responsible for the development of maintenance practices, training aircraft maintenance personnel, verifying technical data, developing flying schedules, scheduling maintenance events. supervising the DCM's Staff and three aircraft maintenance unit commanders. In general, planning, directing, organizing and controlling all functions that kept the group's fleet of F-117 stealth fighters flying and prepared to go to war when necessary.
Sep 1982 - Dec 1984
Assistant Deputy Group Commander of Maintenance
Assisted the Deputy Group Commander of Maintenance in supervising the F-117 maintenance operations in a highly classified, at that time, stealth fighter unit.
Mar 1980 - Sep 1982
Director of Ammunition Operations
Responsible for ammunition manufacturing operations of 127 different types of ammunition, ammunition storage operations in some 2300 storage igloos and warehouses. These operations were conducted by some 650 civilian personnel and three military personnel.
Jun 1976 - Mar 1980
Munitions Maintenance Squadron Commander, Later was the Equipment Maintenance Squadron Commander
Unit commander of a 370 person munitions squadron and later the commander of a 450 person heavy aircraft maintenance squadron.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 1978 - Aug 1979

Industrial College of the Armed Forces (correspondence)

Jun 1976 - Jun 1977

Air Command and Staff College (In Residence)

Sep 1967 - Dec 1967

Sqdn Officer School ( In Residence)

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1974

Clandestine Operations School, Eglin AFB

May 1972

USAF Inspector General Course, Norton AFB

May 1971

Munitions Quality Assurance Course, Lowery AFB

Sep 1970 - Dec 1970

Aerospace Munitions Staff Officer Course, Lowery AFB

Foreign Language Skills


Farsi (Persian) (2/2)


Spanish (3+/3+)


German (1+/1+)

Security Clearance
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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1960 - 1964

East Carolina University

Bachelor's Degree