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2LT LtJohn Leffler

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  • PFC Sep 85
  • SSG Jan 91
  • SPC Jan 92
  • 2LT Jan
  • Cadet COL Sep 80
  • 2LT Sep 80
Commissioning Source:  Other, Jan 1980

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15yrs old Elliots Flight School Quad Cities Airport SOLO's, Multi-Engine David Lincoln, WW2 Ralph Leffler paid 150/twice week over year. Harvard Law grad's 2017 talking ILARNG not pass logbooks STudent Training Pilot's or accept with OCS 13A Field Artillery Officers 1992 , ROTC ONE course Rappeling having WEST POINT NY Twin brother I'm Johnny 2ndlt. BAR 1.60 D.A.V. Arsenal Ranger Denny few$5000

Military Experiences

Sep 1980 - Jan 2017
West Point
Elliots Student Pilot INJUN,ENGINE,ENSIGN by WW2 father NAVY
woman's voice laughin SLO Airport 9clock Princess Diana's SUNDOWN (top gun's names) F-14's Jet's,KUSSWORDS Bluey Angel's NASCAR's Jason Leffler 2013 librarian talking OST POST,WHY FLY's,HUMVEE take VEE out leave Hummer, come to Airport get Candybar, something under YOUR Plane. People laughin NOT PILOTS, NOT 1980 to 2004 Parachuter's Green Beret 80.00 cash Lt.Colonel an Major General Leffler OCS do you know him ILARNG Springfield IL 1992 Cadets laughin make the Blackhawk/Apache Dismissal to SP4 officer's Denny's WEST POINT MISSING AWOL Cancelled Flight Plan's Quad Cities Airports two McDoungouh's Holland's Spiderman's Airforce One Shadow Plane not CIA OF512 form 17yrs ago, Swanson meet's Rocky 10million Golfing Cal-Poly laughin spit food an beatings by cops here sayin Still Pilots No licen
Jan 1991
Officer Candidate
VA NO ROTC 1982 "B" Mil 101 Rappelling Bungee's not list,OF512 CIA, Jet pilot School Elliots, talk females 30 to 40 Combat never done it,300miles took his key's away OCS 1991 Ft. McCoy WI female TAC officers took her boot to his head touchin it, yelling stay "LOW" he's midget under them 5.11 TAC guy's Renegades here push an spit at him take his Green Beret hat, try to EXplain Denny an Lenny West POINT NY Airborne, Frankfurt GE US Marshall's transport Domestic's Janet Brady FBI JIm Brady Centralia IL died 92yrs old, FBI Related, after Desert STorm after MOB Unit Rockford IL, SSG Colleen Springstein showin me 3 black kid's an agent orange crying Southpark mall, IMAOFF's 1yrs to 2nd Lt. Lt Colonel meetings B-BTRY Howitzers commissioned 8month's 2yrs degree lincolnland community Management.


(3 months)
Jan 1991
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
David W. Riley, National Commander that joining the DAV would enable him to help other veterans in the same position. Gladys joined the DAV Auxiliary a few years later. She also wanted to help veterans any way she could. Earlier this year Gladys thought of a life insurance policy and had the company send her a change of beneficiary form.
Mar 1991
MOB UNIT Rockford IL
MOB Unit Rockford IL, wanted my computer Skills CW4 Pete Lundeen 1801 1st Ave. Rock Island IL 61201 Armory SFC Donald Bearden, Part-sheriff, sold M-16's 1500.00 Keewanee militia, laughin, 75B to 71L with Dan an Darrin Steele Olympian's, EIU, GARRARD MILAN IL, did wills SSG Colleen Springstein 100,000 Denny West Point OCS talked against law 2ndltbar
Ended in Jan 1990
Honduras like 1986 Uppter Tanners living with Sharon's McCamants, White State Troopers Mommy, Billy McCamant. Pres.of WIU,Macomb IL Sect1991 OCS Sharon an Larry Lafary plainclothes beating up Marvin White Table Grove IL, told Lt. Colonel why couldn't meet OCS drill toSP4Art13, SSG DENNIS AWOL USMarshalls Frankfurt,GE to SSG no lost rankFiancee's
Mar 1986
WIU Upp Tanners C-130 multi-engine Sp4 into combat Quad cities Airport where SSG Dennis stationed getting few 5000.00 for combat with FBIJim Brady's rel Janet Brady DFAS doing 100,000SGLI HONDURAS 2wks gunshots traveling 105mm howitzers 2 dead jeeps Congressman Lane Evan's there too talk 2017 Two Jet pilots Shadowplane VOR OST 4D Barry Seal CIA

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Sep 1979 - Sep 1981

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Cal Poly State University

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Mary Crest University,Davenport IA

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viola 10k road runner an h.s. track did it in 42minutes 6.2miles. 40th place. flying elliots beechcraft single an multiengine didn't buy ralph leffler his beer no more flying talking about my rank now over year 10th grade pull snake out of sewers eleta bo